Our Story

Our Story

"Jesus died FOR YOU"

For You Church is a ministry founded by Rev. Dr. Steven D. Johnson II that seeks to reimagine the church experience. Cognizant of the accelerated pace of technological innovation, the evolution of personal preferences and styles, changing demographics, cultural and societal trends, and the impacts of globalization, coupled with foundational and structural shifts in organized religion and traditional religious institutions, For You Church endeavors to place the emphasis of the religious experience solely on an individual’s encounter with God through the person and work of Jesus Christ. The relational dynamic is clear: YOU and GOD. Jesus is our Savior; The Bible is our blueprint; the Holy Spirit is our guide.

Specifically, For You Church operates a personalized ministry model that places a premium on a spiritual experience with God however and wherever an individual may be located. Embracing the fact that “one size does not fit all,” and that "all fish don't eat the same bait," this personalized ministry model incorporates and expands upon innovative ways to share the Gospel of Christ in a technologically savvy, interconnected world. The model affirms and believes that our uniqueness is where God meets us, and that we each have an algorithm that God wants to use to transform us, renew us, bless us and use us.

The church aims to exist between the verses of Scripture and the Metaverse, between social justice and social media, between Jay-Z and Jesus. Biblically centered, theologically apt, and traditionally rooted, the church seeks to be cutting edge at its core, with a vibrancy, dexterity and fluidity that strives to meet the busy and varied lifestyle of all kinds of people, from working professionals, athletes and travel enthusiast, to avid readers, teachers, nature lovers, first responders and foodies.

The church holds both in person services in Katy, TX (Houston) and online services. While it believes wholeheartedly in communal fellowship and worship, it also believes that the omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of God cannot be confined to a church building alone. To that end, ministries are designed to come to YOU, via your mobile phone, TikTok, YouTube, and other media platforms. The church seeks to be different yet traditional. Worldly, yet holy. Heavenly focused with an earthly pragmatism. It’s biblically based, spiritually grounded, and Spirit-led.

For You Church is carefully designed to meet imperfect people where they are, how they are. It’s a place where all are invited and encouraged to grow, learn about Christ, lean on God, and be inspired and empowered to live Spirit-filled lives.

Come be apart of what God has For You!

The Backstory: Rev. Dr. Steven D. Johnson II was called by God at the age nineteen to pursue pastoral ministry. A graduate of the distinguished Morehouse College, “Dr. J” earned both his Master’s of Divinity and Doctoral of Ministry at Duke University Divinity School. He also has an MBA from the University of Redlands. A fourth generation preacher, he has over 15 years of pastoral experience. Responding to another call from the Lord, Dr. Johnson and his family relocated to the great city of Houston to begin the next chapter of his family’s Homecoming journey. For You Church will hold its first official service on Sunday, September 15, 2024.

For You Church