Welcome to FOR YOU Church

Founded in 2024 by Pastor Steven D. Johnson II, For You Church is a non-denominational church serving the Greater Houston area of Katy, TX. Our core values are love, service, and community impact. The mission of the ministry is to preach the Good News that "Jesus died FOR YOU, rose FOR YOU, and is coming back FOR YOU." In an age of algorithms and AI, self-driving cars and the metaverse, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, For You Church invites you to encounter, engage and be empowered by both traditional and non-traditional mediums of worship, fellowship and connection. The heartbeat of this ministry is to journey alongside you in authenticity, helping you grow as a disciple of Christ.

Get Involved

For You Church is the place For You, and we can’t wait to connect with you and learn more about your story. You can get involved today by praying for us, giving to support the vision, serving on the dream team and inviting someone you know to check out For You Church. We invite you to do as may of these four things as you humanly can, and help the vision come to pass.

Pray For Us Give to Support The Vision Serve on the Launch Team Invite Someone You Know

Watch Us Live

The Word is global, and God sent the Word to reach everywhere! Grab your family and friends and watch from the comfort of your living room, working out at the gym, or eating brunch! It’s designed "For You."

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